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                      Jeanie Griffin


Jeanie Griffin is s shamanic practitioner, reiki master and spiritual healer.  She offers non-traditional spiritual alternatives to a variety of life challenges, including cancer, soul loss, powerlessness and emotional emptiness. With an advanced degree and licenses in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling, Jeanie is qualified to blend healing practices of the modern and ancient worlds. She has studied with Mandaza, a Botswana shaman, Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Valerie Wolf, Deena Metzger and others.  

Near death experiences of a car wreck and facing cancer caused her to include alternative methods of healing in her own life.  Now in the field of traditional psychology, there is an emerging field called Energy Psychology that acknowledges healing that occurs in addiction and outside of the traditional path.  These practices can be used in conjunction with medical or psychological modalities.

I am not a medical doctor and will not be diagnosing or treating any diseases.  

You will be in a safe, compassionate, hope filled environment when working with Jeanie.