Be True to Yourself, Be Brave, Live from Positive Vibration, Charge your Spiritual Energy,

​Align Your Heart and Mind with Spirit, There is Only One You, Love Yourself 

​Jeanie Griffin 

      ​White Bear Daughter



      Shamanic teacher

            Transformational retreat leader

With psychotherapy licenses in California and Texas in a Master's degree in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling, Jeanie is qualified to blend healing practices of the modern and ancient worlds. Her traditional training in psychotherapy coupled with her training in alternative healing allow her to navigate between the practical and mystical ways of helping her clients with spiritual questions, stagnant careers, challenging relationships and life passages.  Non traditional teachers she has studied with include Mandaza, a Botswana shaman, Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Valerie Wolf, Deena Metzger and her spirit animals and guides.  

The formal training Jeanie has completed is only a part of her story.  Her spiritual initiations came hard and early.  Her father died of alcoholism when she was 15 and her mother died of cancer when she was 21.  A friend's 6 year old child was murdered when Jeanie was a new mother herself.  She was filled with rage at the unfairness of life and she turned her back on the God she was raised to believe in.  

Near death experiences of a car wreck and metastatic breast cancer and alcoholism furthered her initiation into a deep surrender where she finally became willing to explore 1) The Mystery of a higher power that she can accept and 2) to find a community she now refers to as "God with Skin On".  

Losses at one time were woven throughout her life but she has dug deeply to excavate joy, hope, peace and trust that guide her present journey. She did not take this journey alone.  As she cried and stomped, read books and went to therapy, visible and invisible hands were there to be with her.  She will now do the same for you IF you have become willing to take this powerful journey inward.  

In private or group sessions and at retreats she facilitates, Jeanie can help you sort through Initiation, Surrender, Willingness, Mystery and Community. It is after initiation that we finally fall into surrender.  In that surrender we either move back toward ego or we find the willingness to face the questions, "Either the Mystery (God) is or isn't. What was our choice to be?"  and "Where do I fit in to this picture?"  When we rest in the Mystery and find a supportive Community can we 

Give yourself the gift of your true self and discover The Mystery within.  

You are a magnificent being!  Get to know your beautiful self and your Creator.


You will be in a safe, compassionate, hope filled environment when working with Jeanie.