​​The soul retrieval process with you was a wonderful experience.  You were able to bring back three soul pieces. I feel as if that "something missing" feeling has been filled. - Sondra W. (Grapevine, Texas)

Since the soul retrieval, I have made an even more conscious effort to believe in myself, compliment myself, and stop the negative self-talk about myself.  This has made a big difference in how I feel every day.  I was already on the right course to having confidence, but this helped me to hit the overflow mark!  I will continue to take good care of this part of me so that she doesn’t leave again.  I treat her like I treat my son and give her a lot of love and attention. Thank you! -  Cynthia P (San Antonio, Texas)


 After my session, I have made time to enjoy dancing again when I’m by myself.  I haven’t yet bought the tap shoes, but I might do that soon!  I have seen a definite shift in my psychic abilities.  Amazing!  I could fill the page with example after example of things that have happened to me since we last met!  Thank you!  (Wendy S. LA)

The energy work I did with White Bear Daughter (Jeanie) was very moving.  I have found my voice and have more confidence. I look forward to another session with her.  The peaceful feeing and relaxed centeredness I felt was exactly what I needed in my hurried, busy life. I am committed to slowing down and practicing better care of myself and my relationships. Tom L ( West Hollywood, CA)

Since the power animal retrieval, the situation at work has changed for the better.  I followed your advice and brought my power animal to work with me.  I feel him sitting beside me and walking around with me.  What a magnificent presence!  I LOVE him!  I also did a painting of him that is now hanging in my meditation room at home.   I feel confident knowing that if I need to speak up, I can connect with him.  This is a very liberating and powerful feeling!  Thank you!  Susan C. ( Woodland Hills, CA)

After the session with Jeanie I felt so balanced and integrated.  Her care, humor and gentle journey work was just what I needed.  I look forward to more work with her and I suggest others take advantage of her powerful healing.   Patrick (Santa Monica, CA)

I attended a retreat with Jeanie (White Bear Daughter) and it was wonderful!  We were taught to participate in shamanic journey work and I got in touch with my guides and other helping spirits.  I am now more attuned to all those who are here to help me in my life's journey.  I love her retreats.  Elaine (Los Angeles, CA)

Every day you brought so much good spiritual energy into the room!  When I flew home the Big Dipper was outside my window the whole way.  It was captivating and I haven't been the same since. I quit my negative job and am birthing my vision. It's crazy good stuff coming from the new way that I am vibrating positive energy and aligning myself with God (Spirit).....really cool stuff.  (Sarah NC)


Be True to Yourself, Be Brave, Live from Positive Vibration, Charge your Spiritual Energy,

​Align Your Heart and Mind with Spirit, There is Only One You, Love Yourself