Be True to Yourself, Be Brave, Live from Positive Vibration, Charge your Spiritual Energy,

​Align Your Heart and Mind with Spirit, There is Only One You, Love Yourself 

Cultivate an unshakable inner trust

Deepen and clarify your intuition

​Distinguish Spirit within vs the inner critic

Accept help from visible and invisible guides

​Refresh your soul with joy and hope

SpiritCommunity = Power to Manifest

Proudly show your true colors​...........

no one can say you are doing it wrong

Do you want to be notified of transformational events?

or Do you want to send a message?

White Bear Daughter Can Help You

Awaken to your personal gifts and light within

Answer the hungry ghost within your soul

Identify and break through personal blocks

​Clarify what your next step is to be

Let go of negative people places and things

Live boldly and birth your vision

What are you waiting for?

     Step through the door to

         the TRUE YOU!

Being true to yourself never goes out of style so Make an Appointment NOW

Hancock Park/Larchmont Areas

Los Angeles, CA  

​some online sessions available


         Jeanie Griffin, ​also known as White Bear Daughter 

​                    Shamanic Teacher,

                                 Transformational Retreat Leader